"Like Chet Baker, Cooper stays on an even keel, although he'll surprise you with twists and leaps into the upper register or blistering high note patterns. No matter what he tries, he never looses his balance."

Isthmus Magazine

David Cooper is an Eclipse Artist and plays Eclipse trumpets and flugel horns exclusively.

Cooper to join the Madison Symphony Orchestra.

Written by Dave Cooper
Saturday, 22 March 2008 09:32

On May 31 the Madison Symphony held an audition for a position in their trumpet section and I am extremely proud to say they offered me the position! I will be joining two friends I have known a long time, John Aley and Frank Hanson. They have both been in the group over 20 years so it will great to work so closely with such great seasoned veterans. I have subbed with this orchestra for about 15 years which has been fun but playing in this section on a regular basis will be fantastic.

John and Frank introduced me to Monette trumpets back in the early 90's. They still use them exclusively in the section so this might be an opportunity for me to get another Monette. (My ninth!) I'll have to see, though. I won the audition on my Eclipse and if the blend and match is good once I start playing in the section I'll probably stick with it for a while. However, there is nothing like playing a Monette in a completely Monette section...